Solar Heater

I built a solar heater out of spare parts and recycled materials that I had lying around the garage. My only cost for this project was the high-temperature rated stove paint that I bought at the Hardware store for less than $10.
I had several reasons for starting this project. One reason was that I teach science units on Natural Resources as well as Environmental Issues. This fits really well with my curriculum and can be a great demonstration for the power of the sun. When I showed it to my students they were really impressed, especially when we recorded temperatures as high as 184 degrees f!
My second reason was that I wanted a way to heat my garage on cold days when I wanted to do a little wood-work. I have always been pretty conservation minded as well as being fairly tight with my wallet (Ok, you can call me cheap!) I had seen some other designs that used a lot of materials that you had to purchase but I made mine mostly out of stuff that I had lying around the garage. The only thing I bought was the high temperature spray paint that I coated the cans with.

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The finished product; kind of.
The finished product; kind of.