Lego League

Colonel Richardson Middle School has a team that will be competing in the First LEGO League Robotics challenge. Students in the Lego League learn to build and program Lego Robots, do research, present their research in interesting ways, and work as a team. It's an exciting challenge!

Table of Contents
First Lego League
Apply to be part of the First Lego League
Robot Construction and Programming
Online Articles of Interest
First Lego League Online Forum
Self Evaluation
Fall Final Assessment
Marking Period Wrap-up
6th Grade Final
In the News
Design Challenge
STEM Careers


First Lego League

The theme for this year's challenge :
Trash Trek

Core Values

The FLL Core Values are the cornerstones of the FLL program. They are among the fundamental elements that distinguish FLL from other programs of its kind. By embracing the Core Values, participants learn that friendly competition and mutual gain are not separate goals, and that helping one another is the foundation of teamwork.

  • We are a team.

  • We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors.

  • We know our coaches and mentors don't have all the answers; we learn together.

  • We honor the spirit of friendly competition.

  • What we discover is more important than what we win.

  • We share our experiences with others.

  • We display Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition™ in everything we do.

  • We have FUN!
A Rookie Team's Guide to the FLL

Core Values Quiz

Here is the website for the First Lego League

Apply to be part of the First Lego League
Application for CRMS First Lego League Team

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Learning Style Quiz

Nature's Fury Experts

Robot Game Updates

Senior Solutions Social Media Survey

Robot Design Program

Robotic Arm Challenge

Robotic Construction and Programming

Excellent Construction Basics Video

How to Program the NXT - great tutorials!

Using the Light Sensor - This site has directions to build and program a line following robot using the light sensor.

R.U.R. - Rossum's Universal Robots

Online Articles of Interest
Hybrid Robot Merges Flier with two Snakelike Machines

World's Largest Volcano

Deep-Sea Internet

Scientist for a Day Contest

The Future of Volcano Prediction
Soft Robot

Lego Car

Ada Lovelace


In the News

Design Challenge
Use this form to create a journal of your Design Challenge experiences.

Earthquake Proof Construction

STEM Careers (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)
Check out this link to find out more about specific STEM careers.

Fill out this form about a STEM career.

In this class we will be debating quite a few different topics including:
  • Genetically modified foods
  • Irradiated Foods
  • Locovore
  • Food security – the challenge of feeding 9 billion people
  • Factory Farming
  • School Lunches
  • Nanotechnology
  • Food Advertising and children
  • Soda in school

We will use the following debate format:
  • The debaters will be divided into two groups; Affirmative and Negative
    • Affirmative and Negative Argument - Statement outlining your position. You should offer a thesis and evidence to support that thesis. 3 min. each
    • Group discussion to prepare for rebuttal. 3 min.
    • Affirmative and Negative Rebuttal - Attempt to disarm your opponent's argument. You should try to anticipate what your opponent's arguments are going to be. 3 min. each
    • Prepare for Closure. 3 min -
    • Affirmative and Negative Closure - A Conclusion. Restate your main thesis and also include information from your rebuttal with a final statement that wraps everything up. 3 min. each
  • Winner of the debate will be decided by guest viewers

Mexican Cenotes Article
Killer House cats

Women Opinionaire
Wildfires Surveys
Senior Social Media Survey
Coal Mining Survey
Pollution Survey
Mammoths Survey

Please Help our FLL Team 1718, the Electrobots, with a Short Survey for
Their Project (plus you can get the results!)

As part of their Nature's Fury research the Electobots (FLL Team #1718) is
conducting a survey. Their goal is to get a minimum of 500 responses. They
would greatly appreciate 5 minutes of your time to respond to the survey and
also for you to forward this request to your family and a few friends. They
are willing to share the results of their survey with any teams that are

To respond to the survey, please go to