Ever-Changing Earth

Ever-Changing Earth is an Earth Science Unit. Students begin this Unit by familiarizing themselves with a specific Earth structure that represents one or more of the constructive forces of different Earth processes. Students build their knowledge about Earth and the processes that shape it through models, data collection, analysis and information sharing throughout the Unit and to work toward addressing the Big Challenge.

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The Big Question
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The Earth: In the News
The Big Challenge
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The Big Question
What's the Big Question? What Processes Within Earth Cause Geologic Activity? Throughout this unit, everything we do will be related in some way to this big question.

Structure of the Earth

Observations vs. Inferences

Think About the Surface of the Earth
  • Complete this activity to learn more about changes that happen to the surface of the earth.

Time-Lapse Footage of the Eruption of Mt. St. Helens

The 1976 Guatemala Earthquake

The Birth of the Island of Surtsey

Short Answer Questions

Labs and Investigations
Denstiy Lab Question

Lesson 3.5 - What Can Earthquake Data Tell You About Plate Boundaries?

The Earth: In the News

Earthquake in Ecuador - April 20, 2016

The Big Challenge

Vocabulary Quizzes
Quiz #1
Quiz #2
Quiz #3
Quiz #4

Learning Set 3

Key words
Definitions, facts, examples